Our Services

Our services cover a broad spectrum from prevention and management of threatening or unwanted behaviour. This can be done through coaching and teaching your staff or actually managing the cases side by side with your organisation.

Our goal is to professionally prevent, manage and mitigate difficult or unpleasant behaviour within the workplace, let it be staff or clients.

When threats or other forms of unwanted behavior surface, corporations and organizations either do very little or too much of everything. In rare occasions are corporations actions based on actual, valid evidence based threat assessment and reasonable threat management strategies that would actually help the organization to manage the situations as efficiently as possible. Traditional security organizations or law enforcement response often focus on investigation of a possible crime, whereas threat management might require more unconventional approach to the situation.

Sometimes the best way to defuse the risk is simply to resolve the subject's problems.

Variations in threats

Violent acts and threats can be divided into two main categories: Defensive (aka Impulsive) and predatory (aka planned) behavior. Both categories often require different types of intervention techniques and also understanding of the problematic behavior itself. Typically corporations and organizations have to deal with ”typical” threats such as impulsive threats that have been voiced out by unhappy customers, former employees or delusional individuals as "walk ins". Sometimes the events can be more planned though. These acts include workplace bullying, sexual harassment, domestic violence that overspills to the workplace, delusional individuals who make or pose threats, false accusations in social media sites, fake profiles in internet and sometimes the threats are done simply as a hoax or as a mean to disturb the work environment in the organization.

Training, consulting and case management

Clients can benefit from our tailor-made training, consulting and case management. We help companies to develop proper procedures, protect the information of key personnel, train the HR, legal and security units. We also help our clients to protect employees from harm, identify high-risk behavior and cases, conduct victim and suspect interviews, how to handle cases more effectively, how to control corporate image and to save money.


Preventing incident of taking place is much cheaper than dealing with problems once they surface

Our core service targets the prevention of unpleasant, demanding or threatening incidents. These incidents might cover anything from handling customer complaints, dealing with unreasonable complainant conduct or management of workplace bullying, sexual harrassment, stalking or communicated threats.

Our service covers training and mentoring, review of current policies, recommendation for operational procedures all the way to crisis intervention of critical incidents.


Threat Assessment Service

will help the organization to evaluate the seriousness of a behavior based threat - the threat of targeted (predatory) or impulsive (affective) violence. We analyze the communication, risk of escalation as well as the subjects likelihood to try to fulfill his/her threats. We do not only evaluate the dangerousness but also the risk of recurrence as well as persistence of the individual. Our service also covers recommendations for the organization to deal with the subject in the future.

  • Training your personnel how to identify, assess and manage difficult, long lasting or threatening cases.Identifying persons who pose a threat.
  • Behavioral victim risk assessment in threat cases.
  • Stalkers and stalking victims.
  • Querulants and complainers.
  • Violence risk assessments.
  • Suicide risk assessments.
  • Analysis of written threats.
  • Assessment of group dynamics in labour strikes and other gatherings.
  • Security assessment of facilities and/or victims residence.
  • Clinical diagnostic assessments of: mental disorders, substance use disorders, behavioural disorders, and personality disorders.
  • Behavioural assessment and treatment (including Applied Behaviour Analysis).
  • Assessment/management of psychological trauma.

Monitoring subject’s behavior and communications.

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Threat Management Service

Once a threat has surfaced, we can also help the organization to deal with the situation accordingly. What type of security policies are necessary, how to deal with the emotional responses of the personnel, how to deal with law enforcement (if contacted) and what type of outside-of-the-box management strategies can be implemented to deal with the individual who poses threats. We have dealt with threat management since 1998 with both private individuals as well as major corporations and we are extremely experienced.

Our threat management service also covers setting up the management structure, training the staff and writing necessary documents for the possible cases to come.

  • Training your personnel how to identify, assess and manage difficult, long lasting or threatening cases.Managing explicit threats.
  • Managing victim fear issues.
  • False victimisation case management.
  • Harassment in social media and by using the available communication means.
  • Managing individuals of violent intent.
  • Review of organization’s standard operational procedures.
  • Non-confrontational and confrontational strategies to deal with cases.
  • Establishing a Threat Management Program.
  • Liaison with local security and law enforcement services.
  • Consulting in criminal investigations of stalking and harassment cases.
  • Cognitive-behavioural treatment of psychological dysfunction.
  • Mindfulness-based psychological treatment.
  • Consulting corporations with internal investigations.
  • Helping corporate HR and security functions in planning inestigative strategies.
  • Development of follow-up strategies.
  • Helping corporate HR and security functions in planning inestigative strategies.
  • Records service of odd or threatening communication.
  • Defusing anger in the workplace.
  • Verbal de-escalation training.
  • Safe termination procedures Safe termination management.
  • Trauma management.
  • Defusing and debriefing services.
  • Response planning and training with a broad variety of options.
  • Security planning for key personnel and their families.

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Security Audits

First the client organization undertakes a risk analysis to discover the assets and risks. Then we will help the client to develop a security policy to define what the organization is going to defend and how you are going to defend it. Then we will help the client use various methods to enforce that policy. And finally, we will undertake a security audit to check the efficiency of those methods.A security audit is the final step in the implementation of your security defenses.

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Security Planning

Security planning covers everything from writing the first white-paper draft to the final version. We can also review your current security policies and give recommendations to hone or change the policies. Our planning can cover crime prevention, crisis management and crisis communication.

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Safety and security training service

Our training service covers all the variations from a small brainstorming sessions to lectures for several hundred people. We have training organizations and corporations globally since 1998 and are quite experienced with dealing with multi-cultural audiences while getting the best results for the client.

Our training map covers topics such as:

  • Travel safety and security
  • Conflict resolution
  • Verbal de-escalation of hostile encounters
  • Crisis management
  • Personal security tactics
  • Threat assessment and management academy

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We also provide our cliental exclusive seminars targeting narrow groups of professionals in security field.

We organize seminars in Asia-Pacific region on a monthly basis. Please contact us if you want to know more and would like to attend any of our events.

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