Local date in Finland: 7.5.2021
Success story award winner

CEO of Peace of Mind, Mr. Totti Karpela as one contributor in aviation security book.

In July 2014 came out the book "AVIATION SECURITY - Visions for the Future". The book was published by AVSECO, the company responsible for the security of Hong Kong International Airport. The first steps for the book were laid out in Blue Skies aviation security seminar, that was held in Hong Kong during 2013. The seminar itself has some 80+ participants from 15 different countries. The purpose of the seminar was to capture true "outside of the box"-thinking on several sectors of aviation security. These sectors were for example Insider threat, unruly/psychologically disturbed passengers, cyber threat, IED in Cargo, attacks on airport buildings/armed assaults, body bombs. The chapter that was written by Director Totti Karpela is about the prevention of targeted acts of violence at the airports with a title; "Changing Passive Bystanders into Proactive Citizens". In his chapter director Karpela looks at various social psychology studies and reflects the findings on how to lower the threshold of passengers to report abnormal activities at the airports and in the vicinity.