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Verbal de-escalation luncheon at FINDS 29 June 2012

Peace of Mind Threat Management Company will host a business luncheon at FINDS-restaurant in TST on 29th of June 2012. The topic covered at this event will be verbal de-escalation skills for organizations and corporations.

During the luncheon we will cover areas such as why and how people get upset, what are the most common obstacles in conflict management communication, how tu use bodylanguage to create a professional appearance and how to create verbal compliance when the customer does not want to do so voluntarily.

The event is especially suitable for representatives responsible for customer service duties in large organizations as well as managers and HR professionals in large organizations.

Mr. Karpela, the speaker, has an extensive career as a hostage negotiator in the polise and he has taught several governmental and corporate clients in the art of conflict management.

If you are interested to attend, please contact info@peaceofmind.hk