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Totti Karpela - asia & europe


Totti "Mike" Karpela has worked with the law enforcement and security for 25 years, mostly with the National Police of Finland. His work experience covers work in the military and civilian law enforcement as well as a consultant and a specialist in the corporate world. Mike has been heavily involved in various violent crimes prevention projects, threat management and stalking crimes. He was the founder of the Threat management service for Helsinki police department, first of it's kind in Finland. Part of his duties with the National Police was to work in a group of specialists under the Finnish Ministry of Interior that deals with the threats against law enforcement and judicial officials. Mike has also worked for the European Council and other international NGO's as a subject matter expert in domestic violence prevention and stalking crimes projects. Currently Mike is also a sought after specialist for government projects that deal with prevention of violent crime. During his career he has published four law enforcement and security related books as well as hundreds of articles in professional magazines.

During his years of law enforcement Mike has also worked several years as an instructor trainer at the National police academy. Mike's last assignment was to work as one of the crisis support personnel and hostage negotiator for the Southern Finland region. Mike resigned from the police in February 2008 as a sergeant.

Mikes vast experience with threat management is clearly demonstrated in cases where analysis is put into practice, how multi-disciplinary teams of professionals are coached and how to manage low to median and high risk cases.

Mike is currently the president of Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals (AETAP) as well as a former committee  member for the Australasian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (APATAP). Currently he works as the director of two threat management companies, one based in Europe and the other one in Asia.

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Marc mcelhaney - NORTH AMERICA


Dr. Marc McElhaney, Ph.D.

Dr. McElhaney founded the Critical Response Associates (CRA) in 1997, as a national team of psychologists and behavioral specialists who work exclusively in the areas of threat assessment, critical incident management and conflict resolution.

Peace of Mind is delighted to have Marc as one of our highly respected partners as a Consulting Psychologist and certified Mediator. Dr. McElhaney is also the author of a textbook for Managers entitled, Aggression in the Workplace: Preventing and Managing High-Risk Behavior. Dr. McElhaney's company CRA has consulted with hundreds of international organizations (typically large corporations and law enforcement agencies) in regards to the assessment, management and resolution of high-risk incidents. CRA has also helped corporations develop workplace violence policies and crisis response programs, and has more recently presented workshops and training programs, primarily in the areas of workplace violence prevention, conflict resolution and crisis management. More information about CRA's work in North America can be found on www.criticalresponseassociates.com.


Bram van der Meer - EUROPE

Investigative psychologist and criminologist

Bram is an investigative psychologist and criminologist who has worked for the Netherlands National Police for 11 years. Before that he worked for 5 years as a clinician in the country's largest forensic psychiatric facility, where dangerous and mentally ill offenders are admitted. Bram has been involved with numerous violent crime investigations. He still is the expert adviser in many high profile Dutch investigations, but has also been the consultant in cases on the Caribbean islands, in the United States, the United Kingdom and in several other European countries. His main activity is deviant (criminal) behavior analysis, personality assessment and threat assessment.

Bram has played a major role in developing and setting up (behavioral) threat management for the Netherlands government and National Police.  He has conducted numerous threat assessments for the Netherlands Royal Family, the Prime Minister, national politicians and foreign VIP's. He advises the Royal Protection Guard, the department of home affairs, and the counter-terrorism center of the department of Justice. 

Bram teaches threat assessment, criminal profiling and interview techniques at the Police Academy, and is the chief educator of the threat assessment program for investigative psychologists in the Netherlands. Bram is the founder of the Netherlands first threat management company, Bram Van Der Meer Investigave Psychologist Ltd. For both government organizations and corporate business confronted with threats or related problems, his company provides consultation and training.   

Bram is an executive board member and a former president of the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals.
Bram van der Meer


Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, PhD

Dr Lorraine Sheridan is a Chartered Forensic Psychologist. She completed Europe's first PhD on stalking and has so far published four books and more than 50 papers on the subject. Her research has taken an applied, interventionist angle and she frequently trains professionals involved in investigating crimes involving unwanted attention.

She is a police accredited offender profiler and compiles psychological reports related to offenders, highlighting the risks posed by known or unknown suspects. She regularly gives case management advice to the police, security personnel, celebrities and others on stalking, harassment, violence, risk assessment, threat assessment, malicious communications and similar topics.

After a long stint as an academic in universities in the UK, Lorraine is now a senior academic at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. She is a founder member of the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals. Recently, her risk checklist for stalking has been adopted by most English and Welsh police forces and partner agencies.

Dr. Sheridan also works as a consultant for Hong Kong based company, Peace of Mind Threat Management Company Ltd. 


Anthony Fung - asia

Special Projects Advisor

Anthony Fung is a senior instructor, training facilitator and a senior purser of a major airline in Hong Kong and had been in the aviation industry for 13 years.  His teaching covered Verbal De-escalations, Threat and Error management, cabin safety and security awareness, and Situational Awareness for crew resource management course for both pilot and cabin crew.  He has been heavily taken part in course design and program development.

 Apart from conceptual training like problem solving skills and service language, Anthony also involved in several of customer service technical trainings as well as train-the-trainers programme.  Training mythology combines facilitation, experiential learning, discussion and lecture.

Anthony graduated at Utah State University (1996) in United States and obtained a bachelor degree of political science and minor studied in human resources management. During his stay in America, he was the chairman of the international student club and an active member of many house activities like visiting education organizations and giving lecture. He also speaks English, Mandarin and Cantonese fluently.

Safety and security mindset is the primary concerns for Anthony since he had been in safety related working environment for many years. His experience in teaching enable him to have an in-depth understand of stress tolerance and emotional intelligent. Fung is a qualified trainer and facilitator of human factors and which had been recognized by Cathy pacific airway training school in year 2011.

 Anthony represents Dragonair to compete a global competition named ISPY ( in-flight sales person of the year) and successfully  scoop away the biggest award among over 30 other airlines. He demonstrates clearly of his all rounded people skills and goal orientated attitude.

Before working as a profession trainer in airline, Anthony also worked in other training organizations like Dale Carnegie Training and Training Master Limited between 1998 through 2000. He is truly fascinated about all kind of trainings and eager to share his ideology to others.


Monte Gould - north america

Special Projects Advisor

Since 1981 Monte served in full time Law Enforcement as a state peace officer. He was assigned to SWAT since 1987 until his retirement as a senior team leader in 2010.  He was a Master instructor of SWAT for the state of California and has served as an advisor for multiple professional organizations (both private and governmental).

Monte has earned numerous commendations from the US, Foreign friendly nations, Police chiefs and Sheriffs (both Peace-time and Combat awards). Serving on the advisory board for the NTOA for SWAT in Corrections, American Correctional Association and numerous other professional groups and is a published author. A US federal court certified expert in tactical training. 

Monte Gould is former US Marine and US Army SOF enlisted person / soldier (both active and reserve). He has served multiple overseas tours / deployments of duty with the USMC and the US Army. Serving in Combat operations with both US and foreign friendly SOF units including the French "Commandos Hubert". He is retired from both Law Enforcement and the US military.

Currently Monte works globally with teams that operate in high-risk regions, teaching and mentoring professionals to mitigate risks through proper tactical training.


Heikki Neuvonen - europe & asia

Marketing and Sales Manager

Heikki is responsible for Peace of Mind's marketing, sales and key account customer service.

Heikki has an excellent grasp of the security service field and is highly skilled to find the best solution for each customer when it comes to training or consultation needs. Our services start by a survey of client needs and with an interview by Heikki to ensure that our clients get exactly what they want and need. We are also keen on following up our success and customer satisfaction after each assignment. We do this by follow-up interviews and feedback surveys. Heikki is also responsible of our customer service quality.

If you have any questions related to the program development, marketing our events and services or if you would like to get a quote from us, please turn to Heikki.


other personnel

Peace of Mind Threat Management Company Ltd. also uses people with a broad variety of professional backgrounds suitable for each assignment. Our advisors have backgrounds from military, law enforcement, mental health, risk- and crisis management, security management, educational duties as well as corporate security experience. Our staff is multi-lingual and currently works in various locations around the globe.