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Preventing and dealing with problems at workplace


Course content

Workplace conflict is sometimes inevitable and unavoidable. When conflict is destructive it may be costly to recruting, productivity, creativity, retention, corporate image and ROI. Sometimes companies and organizations may accidentally even hire a person whose motives to get hired are clearly criminal.

If you are a manager or a highly skilled HR or security expert, you may end up spending a lot of 1me addressing conflicts or investigating maleficent, harmful or even criminal incidents. Your skills are most likely based on what you have gained from your past life and work experience, but not necessarily in the prevention of malicious incidents. Peace of Mind’s latest training session will open a new world of possibilities for preventing conflicts and also to respond professionally to extremely demanding situations which will ultimately increase profits or organizational effectiveness and even decrease possible liability issues.

This highly interactive training session will teach you to use structured psychological personality assessment techniques and to manage interpersonal conflicts in thoughtful, and effective process through lectures and group discussions. You will gain the confidence to prevent and confront any serious workplace conflict constructively and positively.

Who should attend

Executives, directors and managers, HR specailists, employee relations, talent management, training and development specialists, business development personnel and security professionals

Learning Objectives:

LEARN about structured psychological personality assessment techniques
RECOGNIZE the early behavioral clues that indicate possible future personality conflicts
BENCHMARK against human conflict dynamics in your workplace
DISCOVER the difference of impulsive and predatory acts of human behavior
OVERCOME the possible escalation of incidents in your organization
GAIN INSIGHTS on techniques to defuse hostile and angry employees in a safe way

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DATE: 24th JUNE Monday

12:00 - 16:00



Bram van der Meer

is an investigative psychologist with a long career in the
Netherlands National Police force. He had the position of senior advisor, specializing in offender profiling, threat assessment and interview strategy. During his time with the Netherlands Police he provided behavioral consultation in numerous national and international investigations. Bram has played a major role in developing and setting up the Royal Family threat management center at the National Center for Counterterrorism. Bram has conducted threat assessments for the Netherlands Royal Family, the Dutch Prime Minister, national politicians and (foreign) VIP’s. For the corporate world Bram provides training and consultation in large-­‐scale fraud, malpractice and embezzlement investigations, threats against companies, false victimization cases, executive protection and workplace violence. He provides psychological risk assessment screenings of staff on high-­‐risk positions or locations. He teaches threat assessment at the Netherlands Police Academy, and interview strategies at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. Since 2009 Bram serves as President of the Association of European Threat Assessment Professionals.

Totti Karpela

has 24 years of active law enforcement work including work as the supervisor of a police threat management service. In his previous work with the police he specialized in domestic violence prevention, stalking and threats against judicial officials and in his current role in the private sector ToC has worked with presidential candidates, media companies, celebrities, educational facilities as well as multi-­‐national corpora(ons specializing in threat assessment and case management. He provides behavioral and security consultation in numerous global corpora(ons on a weekly basis. ToC’s vast experience with threat management is clearly demonstrated in cases where analysis is put into practice, how multi-disciplinary teams of professionals are coached and how to manage low to median and high-­risk cases. ToC currently also works as a subject maYer expert for the European Council as well as OSCE in projects related to the development of law enforcement procedures in the prevention of targeted violence. Totti is currently the CEO of two threat management companies, one based in Europe and the other based in Asia (Hong Kong) and is also one of the executive board members of the Associa(on of European Threat Assessment Professionals.

Register now for this exclusive event! Only 15 seats available.

Price 3000 HKD if registered before 1st of June

Price 3500 HKD after 1st of June

10% discount for ASIS / ACFE members. Lunch is included in the seminar price.

DATE: 24th JUNE (Monday) 12:00 - 16:00



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A fascinating training package that will help you to prevent hiring possible problematic employees and how to deal with incidents that have already taken place

Prevention is the best medicine

Much legitimate concern has focused on the risk that employees or others with authorized access can pose to a company. An array of incidents such as major fraud, embezzlement, serious misconduct and violent incidents on the workplace have underscored that screening of current or new people is of increasing importance. In order to prevent such incidents from occurring, employee background and integrity checks are widely used. In- and pre- employment screenings have to filter potentially dangerous or high-risk applicants, so that only individuals with ‘clean’ backgrounds are hired.

Current screenings mainly focus on historical information. The screening details the employee’s professional and personal history up until the time the check is completed. But it provides no ongoing information, nothing about the employee’s current situation. The problem that companies are faced with is that no matter how clean an employee appears during the first assessment, good employees can ‘go bad’ for a variety of reasons - often related to professional stress or personal problems that may feel overwhelming to the employee.

Structured psychological personality assessment

Structured psychological personality assessment and personality based integrity tests bypasses problems described above. Furthermore, this scientific approach provides information that can then be used to make reliable future predictions about the employee’s behavior, and what can be expected of him when he faces specific work related problems or personal stress.

Participants of this workshop will learn how psychological profiling techniques and personality assessment instruments can provide useful information about the employee, which will provide a clear picture of the risks he may pose for the company. It will be discussed how in- depth psychological interviews can add to the identification of ‘red flags’ for future misconduct, and make the personality assessment complete. Measurable psychological differences between white-collar offenders and non-offenders will be presented. With case examples it will be illustrated how threat management strategies can be put in place to make early identification of high-risk situations or –employees possible.

Dealing with problems at the workplace

Sometimes problems arise also with employees that have been employed with the company or organization for a longer period. Dealing with direct or passive-aggressive behavior in the workplace is a demanding task even for most experienced professionals. We will also explain the difference of affective and predatory behavior models and how to deal with both situations. The ultimate goal of any work related conflict should be the ”win-win” solutions, but this often requires much work and knowledge of the best practices.

Executive board, directors and managers, HR, employee relations, training and development, security, corporate communications and other sections of the organization need to understand the basic concepts predicting problematic behavior and have tools to peacefully confront the employee in question.

Defusing angry employees

In this training session the participants will also learn the principles of conflict negotiation, basic steps of conflict resolution and how to control your own natural responses.We will also go through common errors and oversight as well as various methods to respond to a threatening or troublesome behavior. What are the individual (static risk factors) as well as situational factors. How to formulate a threat response teams, how to initiate the threat response programs and what types of response strategies can be used. How to monitor and follow-up the case later on.

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