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Conflict Management for IT Professionals, 2 Nov 2012 (Fri), Hong Kong Productivity Council, Kowloon.

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IT professionals are some of the brightest people, who are known for professional knowledge, rational thinking, technical proficiency, and problem-solving creativity. They are not exempt from the most difficult of all problems either, the problem of people. Especially in this age of information proliferation, IT professionals and managers are often faced with difficult situations arising from people conflicts, both internal and external. This course will help managers and professionals in the IT field to enhance their capability and preparedness in dealing with difficult people and situations.


 Definition of a conflict Cornerstones of a good communicator
How do we prevent internal or external conflict to
Why and how people get upset, frustrated or even
Why do professionals, such as supervisors and
managers sometimes lose control over their own
How to deal with my own strong emotional reactions,
such as frustration, shame and anger?
How do I deal with recipients unreasonably emotional
When and how will prejudice hinder conflict
Impulsive and predatory behavioral traits and how do they affect the situationWhat can we learn and adapt from professional negotiators and crisis intervention personnel?
Verbal de-escalation techniques and tacticsWhat do I need to know about non-verbal
How to handle persistant and unreasonable
What about complaints and harrassment in the social
When should an organization get concerned with
complainants, harrassment cases or stalking?

Outcomes for participants

On completion of the training, participants will have acquired a skill set in conflict management that will:

  1. Help participants further improve their personal communication skills in very demanding situations.

  2. Create or improve Standard Operating Procedures for situations where enhanced communication skills are needed.

  3. Improve personnel’s performance in related incidents in a way that their communication and behavior will prevent

    further conflicts.

  4. Empower and build confidence amongst participants to positively respond to incidents that have potential to cause more

    serious conflicts.

  5. Develop and clarify the “Magic words” that are needed to remain in control of the incidents and help participants with the

    actual verbal de-escalation skills.

  6. Emphasize how proper crisis management tactics will help to protect organization's "corporate image", minimizing

    compensation is part the reflection of how well the staff handle the situation

  7. Give advice to how to handle a variety of complaints, both on personal and organizational level and also how to respond

    to complaints and harrassment cases in social media and beyond.

  8. Shed some light on how to manage people's responses and how to better understand own responses and emotions.

Date & Time

2 Nov 2012 (Fri), 9:30am – 5:00pm


1 day

Course Fee

HK$2,800 ($2,520 for participants who enrol on or before 24 Oct 2012) Award of Certificates
Participants will be awarded a certificate of attendance by Hong Kong Productivity Council.


1/F., Hong Kong Productivity Council, HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon. (Kowloon Tong MTR Exit C, KCRC Exit)


email: fannie@hkpc.org and website: http://www.hktrainingonline.com and info@peaceofmind.hk